Will the CBSE blame the remaining Grade 12 board exams? The board will notify the Supreme Court of its decision on Thursday, June 25. It will share with the court whether it has decided to issue the remaining Grade 12 exams, scheduled for July 1-15. At that time, the decision to postpone the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for IITs and NEET examinations for medical colleges will be based on the CBSE Board Exams' normal court decision. While the engineering entrance exam is scheduled for July 18-23, a NEET medical intervention will be conducted on July 26.

CBSE board exam: What is an application?

The apex court heard an appeal, filed by some of the parents of prospective students, seeking the CBSE guidance to inform you of the results according to the test already conducted and that the average rating has the remaining test marks left for ministers.


It was last week when a group of parents submitted to the High Court praying that the CBSE cancel the remaining papers scheduled for trial July 1 to July 15 due to COVID status. Parents have voiced concerns about the safety of students and have asked the high court to dismiss the CBSE notice of May 18 which was suspended this day. The complaint said students may be exposed to COVID-19 infection if they have to appear in exams for an increasing number of coronavirus infections.

"The said complaint will also show the extent of discrimination and counterclaims / CBSE in giving notice of the remaining examinations and that by July, 2020 the filing of AIIMS, COVID-19 epidemic is very high," the complaint said.

It is alleged that considering the COVID-19 epidemic, the CBSE has canceled the Class X and XII exams at its closest 250 schools built overseas and has adopted the process of obtaining marks on the basis of practical examinations or internal assessment marks.

The complaint said that in April this year, the CBSE directed schools to encourage grade IX and XI learners in the following grades on the basis of school-based assessments. On May 25, the Department of Labor and Development announced that class X and XII tests would be conducted at approximately 15,000 institutions as opposed to the 3,000 former facilities.

"Ensuring proper hygiene and safety standards as defined by the government concerned in the case of COVID-19 in those 15,000 test centers spread across the country including rural areas would not only endanger the health and wellbeing of children but also be futile and eye-opening," the petition said. .

We said that despite the fact that 50% of coronavirus cases are asymptomatic then the students, who will appear in the exams, can be the carriers of the greatest danger to themselves and their family members. Complaints claim that many higher education institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have also canceled their exams including those of last year students due to the epidemic. It also raised concerns about the issue when the testing center could enter the COVID-19 area.

CBSE Board Exams: Institution, CBSE in Supreme Court

Earlier, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta reported to a high court bench headed by Justice AM Khanwilkar that the government and the board are aware of the students' concerns. The bench, consisting of Justices Dinesh Maheshwari and Sanjiv Khanna, was asked to postpone the matter for a day. Mehta told the court he would appeal the high court's decision. The matter was postponed to June 25, when the CBSE and the Center will inform the court of its decision on the CBSE Board exam. "We will inform the Supreme Court of our decision on Thursday," the CBSE executive said

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