Late on Friday the Maharashtra government finally canceled the final year and final year exams at various universities due to rising Covid-19 charges in the province, but also noted that those who want to exercise must write to the university after which a decision will be made in this regard.

Minister of Higher Education and Technology Uday Samant made a similar announcement during a student interview on Facebook via the Directorate General of Information and Public Relations page.

Maharashtra is the worst hit state in India from a coronavirus with 1.2 lakh cases recovered so far.

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The disaster management committee has recommended the cancellation of college exams
Samant said a meeting was held on Thursday with the State Disaster Management Committee and CM Uddhav Thackeray after a decision was made to cancel the year-end exams in Maharashtra due to student concerns.

The decision will help ease the confusion experienced by parents, teachers and students about the university's examination, Samant said.

A decision will be made on whether certain learners may choose to undergo a test
If some students want to appear for the final exams in Maharashtra, they will have to write to their universities for the same.

However, the decision on whether to appear for the tests will only be taken based on the status of Covid-19, according to reports.

Those who do not appear for the final year or end-of-year exams will receive their results and qualifications as the appropriate formula.


What do students need to do?
Depending on the government's decisions, those students pursuing a non-performing (customary) graduate course need to state their interest in appearing or not passing their final year exams in writing for their universities.

Universities will offer students passing students who do not want to pass the final exams.

The authorities have taken the same decision for students pursuing engineering studies, pharmacy, hotel management, administration, construction, planning, computer science, law, physical education. In this case, permissions would be derived from the apex body in certain subjects.

Decision on ATKT exams, retreat will be taken in 4 days
Uday Samant also revealed that in four days, including today, a decision will be taken regarding the ATKT examinations and the background tests by Uddhav Thackeray and all university activists.

Maharashtra schools and colleges are reopening since July 1st
At that time, four days ago, Maharashtra issued a rally stating that "non-red schools can start Standard 9, 10 and 12 classes from July 1" while "grades 6 to 8 will start in August".

As well as classes 9 through 12, smaller colleges will reopen in non-red areas from July 1st.

However, some teacher unions and principals want all schools to reopen in the state only since August to cover the high number of Covid-19 cases.

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