Coronavirus India News Highlights: The outbreak of 13,586 cases of COVID-19 continued across the country to 3,80,532, with the death toll stands at 12,573 and 336 deaths.

Coronavirus India News Highlights: Today is the 28th day of India's closure across the country, aimed at ending the novel coronavirus epidemic. India has already recorded 3,80,532 cases, including 12,573 deaths. Globally, more than 84.6 lakh cases have been confirmed for CCID-19. Over 4,5 people have died so far.

The High Court on Friday noted differences in COVID-19 trial cases in different provinces and asked the Center to decide on the matter, and said all provinces should appoint a specialist team to monitor hospitals to ensure patient care. The high court bench recognized during the trial that there should be uniformity in the CECID-19 trial in all provinces.

A total of 1,89,997 cases - about half of all figures - were reported this month only in large part due to rising epidemics in the most affected areas of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. UP, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh were among the states that posted the record daily on Friday. Kerala recorded an increase in cases by more than 100 for the second time so far. The first coronavirus trial in the country was reported in the country on January 30.

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