It is a familiar concept for all players floating on their parachute, wishing to get their hands on a large rifle. An unconventional but game-changing discovery, the deep gun spreads throughout the map and comes with the opportunity to call only one drop, however, one drop can help you and your other broadcasters get closer to that much - waiting for a chicken dinner.

Considering that such a large rifle is such an important weapon, it is important not only to look at the right areas but also to use it at its highest potential.

Here are the best places on the map to see the gunfire:
1. Georgia: Users have a higher chance of landing a gun here. Three storeys and containers more often than not will have this fierce weapon. However, it is a high-risk area as most of the experienced players come here in the hope of a good robbery and a guaranteed murder.

2. Sosnovka Military Base: Another popular drop-off point and high risk, the military base is a great place to experience some fun. Hidden inside tall buildings, caves, sights or a factory ensures that you arrive as quickly as possible. As it is a great place to hunt for the flare, make sure your team is with you to secure the cover against any approaching enemies.

3. Novorepnoye: A place with a high level of plunder, make this one of my favorite pro players. Within the many crates and warehouses, you are most likely to find yourself a burning rifle.

4. Strength of Mylta: If you are an average user, you are still entering the PUBG MOBILE quest but you are on a team of experienced players, this is a good break down for you. While the likelihood of a surprise attack is high, all of the sleeping load creates a range of one large building that makes it easy for the team to cover each other with their power reach. While it remains unfinished guaranteed here, you still have a chance if luck wins.


5. Shooting range: Ultimate descending newbies trying to get their hands on their first flare. The risk factor goes down a bit as most pro players prefer some drops to this but you will definitely have to get rid of other riders who try their luck here. At the top of the boxes are great places to warm up, being a small place that is easy to sneak here in the beginning, get your hands on that beautiful one and you're on your way!

Tips and tricks while using a large rifle

1. Exterior: Make sure that you are shooting with an open firearm in the open space, which also allows you to look for cover. This rifle is noisy, which is why a shotgun can reveal your location, so make sure you hide in a safe place while waiting to pull it down.

2. Be on your toes: The approaching flare draws the attention of many opponents, so in order to properly dispose of your belongings while keeping your safety as your priority, make sure you brake as quickly as possible and move quickly.

3. Proper Employer: Players who not only want to protect the spoils that come with the drop, but also want to get a few good titles while they are there, be sure to find a high-level enemy retreat in a safe hiding place. Delete your opponents and get in the goodies.

4. No Me in the Team: To be successful as a team, you need to play as a team. While players can claim all the spoils from themselves, this can cost them the game if they don't make the most of a sudden attack. Inform your team members, and choose a good place on the map by calling. While 2 can spoil, others can combine them. Teams can decide between them, which player retains based on their full potential and who has entered the fat.

5. Adequate robbery stocks: Drops will not be the only thing that players rely on to rob. Before firing your explosion, make sure you have enough sets of firearms, ammunition and health services as you may need to take part in the shoot to get down.

6. Patience is a virtue: After taking the world, don't let your happiness be your best. There is

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