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Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Sunday announced the postponement of exams for students from all state universities till July 15 due to the coronavirus epidemic. The final decision, however, is subject to new University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines or guidelines, he said.

Wanting to alleviate all the confusion and uncertainty, the Chief Minister said the postponement would give all stakeholders, especially universities, time to adjust and comply with the new guidelines from the UGC.

An official spokesman said the Chief Minister felt the need to clear the minds of pupils, teachers and parents about safe exams.

Earlier, universities in the province decided to conduct classroom exams in July, following guidelines issued by the UGC on April 29.

The UGC at the time had announced that it would review the situation again. However, a decision on learning activities, especially doing exams, is still pending at the UGC.

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