After a group of parents applied to the High Court to cancel the CBSE exams during the course of the trial, the high court granted the same order. However, final decisions are still pending and on Monday, HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal is expected to give an update on whether the tests will be postponed or continued.

As CBSE, NEET and JEE are all due in July, and Covid-19 cases in India are still rising fast, the HRD minister will provide an update on all these tests.

The CBSE informed the Supreme Court that a decision will be taken on the CBSE exams in July before June 23.

Review of meetings made by the HRD service
Due to problems encountered when writing exams, HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal has held review meetings with the CBSE, NTA, and the Education and Writing Department of Schools at MHRD.

The test schedule and the business of the reopened schools were discussed and Pokhriiyal said that the most important part of the project was the safety and security of the students and teachers.


Is it possible to cancel the CBSE exams?
As the CBSE has already canceled exams at its 250 fragrance schools abroad, a petition filed by parents also noted that the same could happen in India for the safety of students and their families.

They were flagged on the basis of their internal review this year, the petition said.

Since the governments of Maharashtra, Delhi and Odisha have asked the HRD department to cancel the CBSE exams, the official told Indian Express that the service felt the same way and that a formal cancellation announcement could be made on Monday, June. 22.

Is it possible to cancel JEE and NEET?
Unlike the CBSE school exams, JEE and NEET are very important for student jobs and very important for admission to engineering and medical college across India.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is yet to decide.

Specific ways are considered to address this situation such as completing tests online or in the prescribed manner to avoid overcrowding at a testing center.

Some provinces have called for JEE and NEET to be canceled altogether this year and have instead completed colleges using class 12 marks.

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