Here , I will tell you about the two best video editing softwares for free that are available publically for download . You can use them for free and have a lifetime access to use them , so try these software for your work .

1. OpenShot Video Editor

Overall: The OpenShot video editor is very easy to use and an excellent video editing software that helps operators all over the world with excellent features. OpenShot supports many operating systems such as Mac, Linux and Windows and of course for free and can be easily downloaded from its website. We can save the video to any of the aforementioned OS and can open it to another. OpenShot can read and convert multiple photo and video formats and with advanced tabs users can use any FFmpeg format.

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Benefits: I've been using OpenShot for the last 2 years in video editing and have found it very easy and easy to understand. With the help of this software I can add the desired sounds to any video and reduce the videos to get practice times. I can easily drag and drop videos, audios and photos from the file manager into OpenShot editing. There are many wakhain domain videos in OpenShot which make it very easy to add topics and rearrange them according to need. Unlimited layers allow users to add watermark, audio track and more. You can also add 3D images to text like flying, snow and many other things in your videos to make them look good and beautiful. Videos can be fast and slow with the help of OpenShot and the user interface is so simple that one can easily understand their features in the first use.
Cons: The OpenShot video editor has all the necessary features and has excellent interface with all the necessary buttons but I'd love if they add external 3D graphics plugins. Adding a specific user to the plugins can take many other benefits from this amazing software.

2. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is an offline video editor for Windows. "Offline" (as opposed to "straight" video editing like Movie Maker) means you can combine video files and images in any sequence and create the best songs. If you've never heard of non-line video editing before and feel confused, think of it as a "snapshot" of a video. You will be able to create layers, place several objects on the scene, wrap them, assemble pieces and make them stand out if your purpose requires it.

Here are some of the favorites available due to unrelated video editing technology:

Look at the picture
Side by side and separate screen videos
Video on text processing
Green screen removal (Chroma key)
Double exposure

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If this sounds a lot more complicated than expected, know that VSDC can also be used for basic planning tasks. Cutting, cropping, merging, and rotating videos; captures, subtitles, transitions, filters and video effects - all of these clicks and more are available in this software, and anyone with zero experience will be able to use them.

There are over 200 video instructions on our YouTube channel. Here you will find a playlist with some basic video editing tips that are not started. Don't forget to subscribe!

Like a VSDC video editor review? Download the program here

What about buildings?
Working with formats consistently is VSDC's greatest strength.

“Unlike Lightworks, the free version of VSDC will ship to various other formats including AVI and MPG. If you are unsure of the formats, you can even sync the result to work well on specific gaming devices ”
Creative Bloq

In short, it will open any video file, regardless of which record you used to record footage. It's possible because of the built-in video converter we instantly recognize all the codecs and open them in editing mode. You can edit 4K recorded videos to your favorite camera!

At the export level you can change all the parameters of your video, including format, codec, resolution, frame rate, width and height, and quality. You can also upload projects directly to YouTube directly from the VSDC connector or save them to auto-configured profiles for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook - if you plan to publish your creative art on social media.

One of the most common questions is to find out if our video editor is really free. It's no wonder how many companies say their software is free and then "surprises" you with a watermark, feature set set, a wide selection of export options, or a limited timeframe. Our goal is to be transparent and honest with our users. So, if you are wondering (or are worried) how we make money to fund development, technical support, and marketing teams, here is a very detailed breakdown for you.

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