Let’s talk about the elephant in the room next to the bat - GoDaddy doesn’t have a very good reputation among users. However, they have tried to remedy this by introducing hosting programs and tools aimed at advanced users, such as GoDaddy Pro.

With GoDaddy Pro, the service seeks to give you the same experience as managed WordPress hosting, with a strong focus on running multiple sites. In this article, we will take a look at GoDaddy Pro and let you know how good it is.

GoDaddy's Quick View and Its History

GoDaddy is one of the biggest and most popular names in hosting and domain registration. It has been since 1997 and at present manages about 18 million customers, which is an impressive number of this type of service.

However, they are not popular among professional web users. Throughout its history, GoDaddy has accumulated a reputation for poor performance and support, which are the two cornerstones of the great web reserve. Don't take our word for it, Google's quick search for 'GoDaddy reviews' will give you an idea of ​​what we're talking about:

Apart from this, GoDaddy has many other features that enable it to capture its lead as a registrar and web host. And they have a history of brutal marketing, which is one of the most popular reasons. And, over the past few years, they have been making an effort to provide better services and tools to WordPress users - one of which is GoDaddy Pro.

GoDaddy Discovery in WordPress Space
When it comes to web hosting, many providers are out of their way to offer WordPress users. That’s easy to understand as the power of WordPress is basically a third of the web. GoDaddy is unique, and has introduced its theme to the WordPress ecosystem.

GoDaddy is also one of the leading sponsors of WordCamp events and also hires a full-time provider in WordPress' context. In addition, they have acquired many WordPress-centric services over the years, including:

ManageWP: This platform allows you to manage multiple WordPress websites from one site.
WP Curve: A service that has provided WordPress professional access to minor repair and upgrade tasks.
Sururi: An all-in-one security app with WordPress plugin.
It is noteworthy that these findings occur from 2016 onwards. The GoDaddy Pro service itself arrived in 2015. Since then, features of these three services have been integrated into GoDaddy Pro, most from ManageWP. In fact, GoDaddy Pro Sites rely entirely on the ManageWP platform, which we will explain in the next section.

What is GoDaddy Pro?

What we call GoDaddy Pro is actually a collection of three different services - Pro Proxy Sites obviously, Pro Customers (which allows you to directly manage WordPress websites and sign customers with GoDaddy programs and services), and Pro Reward (a program that integrates GoDaddy programs and services).

The Pro Sites service uses the ManageWP platform and provides you with all the features that are commonly offered. This means you can update multiple sites, gain access to reports, install and uninstall plugins and themes, access your dashboards with a click, and more. The Base Pro Sites service is free and supports non-GoDaddy sites also with a plugin called ManageWP Worker to connect sites to its platform.

So far, so good! An exciting feature of GoDaddy Pro's offerings for its Pro Clients service. With this service, you get access to a single dashboard that you can use to keep track of and manage your clients' websites:

We are moving beyond the features offered by ManageWP now and are moving into a new environment. With Pro clients, you can access client websites with one click, configure hosting settings, manage domains, email and more. However, most of these enhanced settings apply only to customers who use GoDaddy's services:

Pro Clients also give you the ability to recommend specific products and services to customers from within the platform. For example, you could suggest a new account hosting plan, pay for it, send a bill to your client, or buy it on their behalf if they approved it. Of course, this only applies to GoDaddy products, which is where GoDaddy rewards come in.

This is actually a related program that offers discounts on GoDaddy products and earns you points for future purchases. The discount itself is fun (30% off everything) and the goal, is to lock you into GoDaddy's natural system.

Now, you have a full picture of everything GoDaddy Pro offers, let’s talk about whether it’s a good option for you or not.

Should You Consider Using GoDaddy Pro?
Part of the GoDaddy Pro functions comes with attached wires. Pro sites themselves are free and dependent on ManageWP, so a good choice whether you are a GoDaddy client or not - as long as you have a lot of sites to work with.

Pro buyers, on the other hand, only a good option under two conditions:

A large number of your customers are already 'locked' into the GoDaddy ecosystem.
You have no problem recommending GoDaddy products to your customers.
GoDaddy actually offers great performance throughout the board in its WordPress applications. However, customer support still has a long way to go. In addition, many of their designs are more expensive than other ‘basic WordPress host’ competitors, who have fewer features.

All in all, GoDaddy is always ideal for users who want to set up smaller websites without the need for advanced hosting features. If you need more firepp or functionality, a lot of other owners can beat GoDaddy offerings at the same or lower prices.

GoDaddy Pro itself is a committed website website in providing more and better tools for WordPress users. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, we’d love to know where GoDaddy is going next!

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