Since launching on mobile at the beginning of the year, PUBG Mobile has been fully featured with over 50 million uploads to the Play Store. Still, while fun, PUBG Mobile is not an easy game by any means. There are many players, and if you're a beginner at PUBG Mobile, or fighting games in general, we have some great tips and tricks to help you get that dinner.

1. Select a Third-Party View or First-Person View

Choose between a third-party view, and a first-person view. The latest update of PUBG Mobile brought the ability for players to choose between first-person and third-party views. Before you start the game, you can touch the game mode button under 'Start' and choose between 'TPP' (third party), or 'FPP' (first person).

2. Adjust Graphics quality

Adjust the graphics quality according to your phone's capabilities. PUBG Mobile does this automatically, but if you feel like your game is going up or down the frames, you can also lower it, just the opposite. Higher quality setting will make it easier to see other enemies, but if your phone starts to go up or down the frame, do trade-offs and choose higher-value frames.

3. Light up the Peek and Fire

In Settings (cog on top right), go to Basic. Here, open 'Pek & Fire. 'This allows you to look behind the cover, allowing you to take a shot without revealing too much to you. Remember, you are yet to expose your head, so use it cautiously.

4. Use the Low-Expectation Gyroscope

PUBG Mobile brings the ability to use the gyroscope of your smartphone to target. This can be very useful when looking down what you see, or when you're signed in because you'll be able to move your phone to focus on the enemies instead of touching and dragging on the screen. To enable the gyroscope, simply go to Settings and turn it on.

5. Check that Aim Help is on

Check that 'Aim Aid' is open for easy navigation. Special assistance is required on the touch screen telephone (frequency) because the focus on the touch screen is not nearly as clear as the mouse is intended. The aim of the watch will help you get rid of the enemies faster and will also help with gunfire.

6. Enable the Left Fire button

In Settings -> Basic, enable the 'left fire' button to easily shoot with the left hand while aiming right. This helps a lot in unresolved shooting. Without the fire button on the left, you find yourself aiming and shooting with the same hand, which, believe me, is quite difficult.

7. Enable Automatically Opening Doors

And inside Settings -> Basic enables 'Automatic Door Open' to quickly enter inside buildings without having to tap the door key constantly. Note that you will have to tap the button to close the door.

8. Adjust the size and position of Control:

Refer to Settings -> Controls -> Customize, and adjust size and control positions according to your needs. For example, I made the grenade button bigger to make it easier to tap, and adjusted the left fire button to reach my left thumb, so that I could shoot faster.

9. Open Auto Repair Diagrams

In Settings -> Graphics, you can turn on 'graphics correction graphics' to ensure a consistent frame rate while playing. This actually means that if your phone starts to overheat, or the battery is low, PUBG Mobile will adjust the graphics quality to compensate.

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