While PUBG Mobile fans have plenty of time right now to play their favorite fighting game, the lock is open and a good chance that many new players are familiar with the game. PUBG Mobile has just marked its 2nd anniversary and while most players may have already learned the game to the point that it has its own local strategy even before entering the game, there are some common and foolish mistakes made by both noobs (newbies, in case you didn't know) and experienced players and.

While everyone has a different style of gameplay, here are some important tips to help players avoid these mistakes and do better:


First seen, you get the first shot - this best summarizes the gameplay on the PUBG Mobile map. While loading, the right kind of guns and ammo is important, but most importantly to stay low and out of the enemy's line of sight for as long as possible.

So hiding them can be your key to finding that wonderful chicken dish. Players must choose their costumes according to the type of map they choose. For Erangel and Sanhok it may be green or black, Miramar may need something brown and dark, while in Weekend you can go completely white.

Always be aware of the Safe Zone

Players who ever jump on a plane tend to get busy with the whole robbery process. There are times when you don't get enough luggage and the houses will still be visited. The pro always kept the car upright on the ground and continued to look at the map and keep an eye on time with it.

As soon as the blue area is approaching you should call your team members to get in the car and run. A smart player will not want to choose to fight an opponent while in poor health.

Select Marksman

Poor communication can lead to a lot of confession and when you're in the game you want things to be smooth and clear. A group must have only one marker to mark places on the map for others to follow.

Too many pins on the map can sometimes result in too much congestion and may be the reason for your failure. Imagine a situation where your team wants to go to Mylta and a deputy is in Mylta Power!

Close the doors when you leave the house

Even professional players do not have these basic procedures to close the door. One hundred people enter the map and there is a possibility that the party may have arrived in a neighboring town that appears to be in the area where your party is robbing. All you need is a pro player with 8X or 6X to see the doors open and before your team can see you're being attacked. Lack of basic habits can sometimes undermine your team's position.


Unlike adult action games - PUBG Mobile does not notify users to reload their rifle when they are low on ammo. Another popular thing that players have done is that - after the action came up, they forgot to reload their gun.

What happened next they saw the enemy and headed straight for the battle only to see that they had no ammunition for their gun to retaliate. The famous slide has since died because it doesn't reload, so you know what to do?

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