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Both of these games i.e. PUBG and free fire have always been a miracle between players and players but when we talk about the difference I can start by telling you that there is a big difference between the two.

PUBG feels more sensible and fun than free fire.

PUBG game is a fighting game that contains a number of widely used weapons. It contains 34 different types of weapons. On the other hand, free fire contains the same type of weapons but much less.

There is no denying the fact that the PUBG Mobile game is one of the most popular games ever made. In just one year, it is becoming more and more popular with young people.

Following the Garena Free Fire, on the other hand, it was War Royale that introduced the majority of Indian players to that kind of race, and later to PUBG.

Free Fire has a set of all characters while PUBG does not have them. PUBG only allows players to change their appearance.

PUBG Mobile has an edge because it also allows you to sail on boats and has a large car fire, unlike Free Fire, which restricts options, and one can only choose on any car or motorcycle.

And yes! Not to mention about storage, Pubg needs around 2GB of space (yes very large) but on the other hand, there is something good about free firefighters as it requires 1,2 GB of storage.

If you wish to play a fast-paced, action-packed, no-frills, and air-like video game game, Free Fire is perfect for you.

If you are fighting for a lot of work and want more life-like experience, choose PUBG Mobile.

All of this is about personal choice, whether you want to or would like to have a 'Chicken Dinner' or do a 'Booyah! '

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