PUBG Mobile: How to get rename card in PUBG Mobile for free?
Rename cards ar one amongst the foremost used things in PUBG Mobile. If you're a hardcore gamer WHO typically shifts from one kinship group completely different} or one WHO likes to have different names when each tournament, then you'd would like quite one rename card.

Rename cards ar usually purchased victimisation UCs that you just will get when outlay many bucks within the PUBG Mobile in-game look. the opposite manner of obtaining rename cards is by finishing missions and frequently taking part in Crew Challenges within the PUBG game. Sounds confusing? allow us to describe this facet additional clearly.

How to get rename card in PUBG Mobile for free?

Method 1: By finishing missions

The simplest manner of obtaining a Rename Card in PUBG Mobile is by finishing the missions from Level one to Level ten. On self-made completion of the same missions, you get a Rename Card. to see if you've got got one or not, merely follow the subsequent guidelines:

Go to the 'inventory' possibility on your homepage screen of PUBG Mobile.
Scroll right down to the top of the coupon sections wherever you'll spot 'Rename Card'.
Click on 'Use it' and alter your in-game name as per your would like.
Voila! you're done!
In case {you ar|you're} already higher than Level ten and are still taking care of Rename Cards, then begin taking active participation within the Crew Challenges that ar union on an everyday basis.

Method 2: By enjoying Crew Challenges

You can conjointly get unlimited Rename Cards in PUBG Mobile by enjoying Crew Challenges daily. For constant, attempt killing as several enemies as you'll and check out to survive until the last zone. Revive your teammates and take health as persistently as you'll. try and aim for quite three hundred Crew Points in every match.

How to get Rename Card victimisation Crew Points?
Go to the 'Crew' possibility on your in-game main screen.
Click on the 'Shop' possibility.
You would see AN choice to get Rename cCrd by finance two hundred Crew Points.
If you've got that several Crew Points, merely click on 'Rename Card' and acquire one without charge.

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