Over the past two months, there has been a lot of talk about the future of PUBG Mobile, one of India's most popular topics. The game was banned by the Government of India, along with 117 other applications, on September 2nd. The announcement was made by the Department of Technology and Information, leaving the sports community in despair.

After the suspension, there was a lot of speculation about the return of PUBG Mobile. Others included social media giants Jio and Airtel, who claimed to be Indian partners in the game.

Recently, there was also a LinkedIn function posted by PUBG Corporation regarding the appointment of a Corporate Development Division manager - India. One of the roles of the role would be to fund the process of setting up PUBG India under the auspices of HQ, to discard the big idea of ​​the game’s return to the country.

PUBG Corporation has also decided to sever ties with Chinese manufacturer Tencent Games to operate in India, shutting down all servers in India on October 30.

PUBG Mobile India is applying suggestions for the return of the game by 2020
Earlier today, a lot of fuel was used when PUBG Mobile's trained players signalled the return of the game, talking about a 'future announcement' either today or near Diwali.

These rumours of pubg unban in India get confirmed by the Instagram or social media stories of pubg influencers in India. They did not reveal all officially but gave a sign of pubg unban. 

The stories of different stremes are listed below

Image credit- encrogaming | Instagram

This firat image is from the encrogaming pubg streamer instagram account stories which indirectly indicates about the pubg unban in India. 

Image Credit - TsmEnt_Ghatak | Instagram

This image is from TsmEntity Ghatak a pubg mobile influencer and a gamers instagram stories which also reveals all about the pubg unban indirectly.

Thus no one claimed officially about the pubg unban but all are pointing indirectly to the same thing i.e. pubg unban in India. 

As per rumors the Pubg will be unban and you will be able to play it officially by this diwali in november 2020. 

Kronten Gaming Video About Pubg Unban in India.

Kronten gaming a youtube channel by Kronten a pubg streamer, gamer and pubg influencer and a famous esport player has uploaded a youtube video on his youtube channel explaining all about the Pubg Unban In India by 15 November. 
You can go and view his video to get more information. 
The link to his video is below and channel link 

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