Today we will be discussing with you the money earning methods by working from home. As we all are informed about COVID situation that nowadays we are not able to go out and work in any field and earn money. And the jobs are also very less in our country so you can only do is work from home. 

If you are students or not and you have some free time and mobile you can easily earn $150 from your mobile-only. You can just do few tasks and earn online money by which you can cover your expenses. There are several ways of earning money on the internet. 

Earn Online Money | Earn Money From Mobile | Work From Home 2021

Free Ways to Earn Money From Mobile and Internet


You can create a youtube channel and make money from that by monetizing it. If you have any talent for gaming, comedy or jokes or photo editing or anything in which you think you are good. You can record your videos and do some editing from mobile and earn money. You only need some basics of video editing and voice editing from mobile. These both can be done for free as there are so many videos on youtube that tells you about these and make you good in these fields. 


As we all are on Instagram but the most thing that we are doing is wasting our time on Instagram by watching reels, reading funny memes. All you can do is create a page on Instagram related to any topic. Post regular photos and videos on your page once you gain a sufficient amount of followers you can easily earn money from sponsorship and other things. This could be the best way to use your Instagram and earn money. 


You can also create a blog or website on a specific topic as there is always a lack of content on the internet. so you can publish your content to google and learn few things about blogging. You can join several WhatsApp groups regarding blogging that help you to promote your blog and learn new things. From a blog also you can earn money from Google Adsense and other Adsense alternatives. And another way to earn money from a blog is through a sponsored post. You can easily earn 50$ from a single sponsored post. 

Learn New Things

you can learn new things that are trending nowadays as day by day the growth of the internet is increasing so much and you can also easily rise with it. You can learn Facebook ads, google ads, photo editing, and many more such things that are in demand so much. When you will be good and expert in your learned skills you can earn a lot of money such that no one can stop you from rising above all. 

Earn Online Money | Earn Money From Mobile | Work From Home 2021

But the most important thing in all these is you need to be consistent about your work. You should be patient as in starting it will be hard to grow and at some point of time you will be thinking f quitting the work but you have to avoid those thoughts and keep doing your work with full interest. As nothing can be gained by just relaxing and enjoying. you need to sacrifice your today's comfort for a better future. 

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