Every new blogger has the blog post indexing problem of their new posts. When they started a new website they publish so many posts but their posts are not indexed on the google search engine. So today we will be discussing all those methods by which you can index your posts very fast and in genuine and best ways. 

We will be discussing with you the way that every blogger and google itself suggest you do for indexing the post. First, we will discuss the problem by which your posts are not indexed on google. The main reason can be that you have not submitted the sitemap of your website or blog to google. A sitemap is the list of all the URLs and links present on your website which help google to find your posts. 

How to Index Your Blog Post Fast? | Indexing Problem Solved

How to Create a Sitemap For Blogger? 

  • Go to Sitemap Generator 
  • Paste your Website URL and click on generate button
  • The sitemap of your website will be generated for free

How to Submit sitemap In Blogger?

  • Copy the sitemap created and go to your blogger dashboard
  • Go to Setting and find crawler and indexing 
  • enable custom robot.txt and paste the copied sitemap and submit

How to submit a sitemap to Google Seach Console?

  • Go to Google Search Console 
  • go to your selected website
  • On the left-hand side, you will see the sitemap option and just type sitemap.xml and submit
After submitting the sitemap of your blog to the google search console it will help google to crawl your site easily. When the crawlers will crawl your site every time they will see what new thing or URL is updated in your site so they will only index the updated URLs. That will help Google bots to index your posts easily. 

Every new blog or website has a limit of indexing the new posts and a crawling limit. So when you submit a sitemap to google the google bots will only crawl the new posts and updated posts. 

You should always publish the posts regularly on time. Because by doing this google bots will get to understand that you publish posts at this specific time means your website gets updated at a specific time and they will also regularly crawl the new updated posts. 
When your website gets older the indexing limit will be increased from time to time. Like our website, the post can be indexed within 5-10 mins only. And the limit of indexing the posts is also increased. 

We want to suggest you few things after submitting the sitemap to the google search console you only need to focus on publishing the post on time and always write genuine article means do not copy the other's content as new website posts copied article so Google will crawl the website and posts but they will not index the posts as these posts are already on google indexed pages. 

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