Top 5 Best Online jobs for students | Without Investment Jobs to Earn Money: Hello guys, today In this article I am going to introduce you to the top 5 best online jobs for students which are also known as work from home jobs.

As you all know due to Covid-19, we see too much unemployment in all the nation’s and India is also largely affected by Corona Virus.

Now, it is not easy to earn money as before. Also, many students which do part-time jobs for their livings, now are also jobless. So, I am going to introduce you to the best online jobs for students which you can do just by using a good smartphone, laptop, and stable internet connection.

Top 5 Best Online Jobs For Students to earn Money

Daily Recent Infos also provided you with all types of jobs you can do from your home, for that you can check out the work from home jobs list.

All you need to start online jobs from home is a laptop and a stable internet connection. Below these are the best online jobs for students, which they can do easily from their home as part-time or full time.


Blogging is best in term of online job for a student, in my opinion, every student who wants to earn money through online income should start blogging after passing the exams of 10th or 12th.

You can create a free blog using a blogger or you can use paid WordPress. Blogging is a good online job that students can do as a part-time job, but if you understand blogging in detail then you can also take blogging as a full-time career. You can follow any YouTuber for your blogging guidance in starting.


If you have a good laptop or mobile by which you can make quality content the go for youtube, Youtube can also make you star if you engage viewers in a good way. You have to grow a good audience to earn a lot of money, as youtube also comes in the top online earning platforms.

Also, you can say, youtube can build your career. The only thing you need to do is build good and use full content regularly.

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Affiliate Marketing

If you want to work less and earn more then affiliate marketing is the best platform, no skills are needed for affiliate marketing as it work likes to refer & earn. You have to share products link through your blog or website or direct to your friends, If they purchase or join the platform or product you are promoting then you will surely get a huge commission. If you gain some experience in Affiliate marketing then this is the best Online Work From Home Jobs in India Without Investment by which you can generate good income.

In some affiliate marketing platforms, a website or blog is necessary while in some websites and blogs are not needed too much (you can use their program without a website too). An affiliate program is made for getting good customers by giving some commission to the affiliate marketer. You can promote products from Amazon and Flipkart as well as digital services like hosting or tools. But If you are looking for an amazon affiliate or Flipkart affiliate then you must have a website or blog (you can create it free on blogger).

Content Writing

Writing content online for a company or any person also a money-making the online job for students, If any student is an expert or good in any particular language then he/she have a chance of Online Content Writing Jobs.

To Find content writing jobs, you need to join telegram and Facebook where you can find individuals, who are looking for a content writer. If you want to work like a professional then you can Join a freelancing platform online where you can find content writing jobs.

Also, it is not required that you must know English, You can also do content writing in Hindi or in any language.


Website Designing

Gaining knowledge in the field of coding can make you rich, as websites designers and app developers are paid high for their work.

Website Designing services can be done from the comfort of your home and this can be done after you gain knowledge in some designing software programs. You need to have knowledge of HTML, HTML-5, PHP, CSS and other programming languages to work on this internetwork.

Conclusion: So, these are the top 5 best Online Jobs for students which are good for students for making their career or doing part-time jobs with it. You can comment down about your problems regarding these jobs, and please share them with your friends who are also looking for Online jobs.

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