PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire could get banned in this country soon – Check full details

The PUBG Mobile game is banned in India as of September last. Since then, the game has been banned within the u. s. and no one can play. Now, a brand new record shows that PUBG's world-famous entertainment is being banned from all other u. s. You can bet that u. s. in this case? Well, it's very far from India's neighbours., Bangladesh.

In line with the record coming all the way from Bangladesh, local authorities believe that video games like PUBG Mobile are causing “sports addiction” among teenagers. The same record shows that apart from PUBG Mobile, the Government of Bangladesh similarly wants to ban the Garena Free Fire.

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire ban More details…

The record also states that Bangladeshi authorities are planning to restrict access to one of these video games - PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire - via VPN as well. In terms of popularity, each of those video games helps within u. s. appropriate now, but popularity can extend any day.

PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire could get banned in this country soon – Check full details

According to a report from The Daily Manab Zamin, Bangladeshi officials said video games often lead teens to "become more violent." Meanwhile, the president of the Bangladesh Mobile Association believes that slipping into such video games 'leads young people into deviation'.

Alongside India, PUBG Mobile entertainment has been banned in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and others for the same purpose of making those video games violent.

The launch of the PUBG Mobile India model soon

In India, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite video games are banned at the end of the year under section 69A in the IT Act. In addition, Indian authorities have banned various Chinese applications except the u. s. announces that those applications send records to Indian customers in China.

Currently, entertainment developer Krafton is gearing up heavily to launch a PUBG Mobile India model called Battlegrounds Mobile India within u. s. soon. In view of the rumours and reviews that are being broadcast on the net, Battlegrounds Mobile India will launch the third week of June.

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