Garen Free Fire MOD APK + OBB: 2020 war year Royale, no game is as popular as war games. I can see that it is very popular with PUBG Mobile but for miles, it is very difficult to find a modified version of PUBG (Playergrounds's Battlegrounds). That is why in this article I will give you a modified version of the Garena Free Fire Fire- Rampage which is the Garena Free Fire MOD APK. In addition to the MOD APK + OBB, a standard APK is available for download.

Download Garena Free FIRE Hack MOD APK 1.62.2 (Unlimited Diamonds)
Download Garena Free FIRE Hack MOD APK 1.62.2 (Unlimited Diamonds)

If there is no PUBG Mobile then the best game left would be Garena Free Fire. Most of my favourite is the Garena Free Fire mod apk which is nothing but a modified version of the game. So free fire is one of the more royal games and what is the best part about the game is that it is easy to understand and control.

As with PUBG, it is very difficult to see and properly control the controls and about guns & scales for beginner brands. But on the other hand, there is no such thing as a noob and you can become a champion in a short time.

Garena Free Fire Mega MOD APK Unlimted Ammo & Aimbot Latest Version

Garena Free Fire Hack MOD APK Aimbot Feature

The latest 2020 version of Garena Free Fire Fire - Rampage features many new features. one of my favourites is Aimbot. It can often be difficult to identify your enemies, especially when your enemies are running from one place to another. If so, don't miss the fire. It's really hard to chase away enemies as they go, all you need to be able to kill better is a good intention.

If you have good intentions then you will not get into trouble while killing your enemies. But I have no good intentions and I cannot kill enemies. That's why our team has specially designed the game and now you will have the Auto-aim feature. You don't need to point at your enemies, all you have to do is move your gun to the enemy and the gun will automatically go to your head to get a better gun. After that you need to hit the fire button, nothing more.

One of the most important and best features in the game is that you will get Diamonds and Unlimited Coins in the game, yes, you do not have to give a single cent to get 999999 Diamonds and Unlimited Coins. The Garena Free Fire MOD APK will give you this feature for free. Diamonds help you buy famous gun skins, Unlock characters, unlock many other things that will make your character look stunning.

You can buy a suit, character appeal such as a hat, T-shirt, pants or other items. Many other features to unlock the character will grow and unlock different abilities for your character. However, you can also buy coins with Diamonds only.

The Garena Free Fire MOD APK is not an easy game, there are still many people playing this game every day and you can find many Pro Players, therefore, it is not easy to play the game. So Aim-bot is something that can help you this way, it will help you easily identify your enemies easily and you can easily find guns, AimBot has given me 16 kills in one game for sure.

Infinite life

What I really liked about this game is that you will find the option of God mode where your life is of infinite nature, Whenever you are beaten, your life will be full, so, never worry about this that you will die no, don't worry. Unlimited Health Feature will let you enjoy the game without dying. But I do not recommend the extreme use of this feature. You should learn below how to protect yourself by using all these features.

The shells of the Garena are infinite

If you are playing this game where you may know about the Garena Shells this is in-game money that will allow you to buy more in-game items and improvements. From Garena Shells, you can buy gears, weapons, supplies, and a lot of character skins. In this Modded version, you will find many Garena Shells, not to mention Unlimited but Many. You can also unlock popular gun skins like M4A1, AWM and more.

Open all the characters

If you have a standard APK then it is difficult for you to unlock all characters but in Garena Free Fire MOD APK you will find all characters unlocked. As you know the characters are really important in the game to grow your medicine, injuries, and many other things.

The best thing you can like about this feature of the Modded version is its Mod Menu, You will find a mod menu where you will find the option to turn on or off any feature or anything here. What I'm talking about is really don't just use the Wall-hack or you can just shut it down or you can disable the aimbot or use it with one click.


Wall-hack is something everyone wants, you can see through the walls and even shoot from the walls but this only goes with you. Your enemies can't shoot you with walls, it's really simple and easy. But personally, I don't use Wall-hack, I don't know why but I don't use it. You can always use it without any problem but before doing so you should read the instructions below on how to use the MOD APK for Garena Free Fire.

Fire Free Hack Diamonds Unlimited and Coins Mod Menu

  1. Get Everything Unlimited including Diamonds and Coins
  2. You can select any character as everything is turned on
  3. There is no wall, which means fire on the wall
  4. No Fog and No Grass
  5. Safe to use and download
  6. The anti-ban factor
  7. Supported on all devices
  8. No root
  9. Save the game by default
  10. Automatically refresh
  11. Easy to install
  12. You will find free Garena shells in the game

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