Till now you must be just thinking that Instagram is used only for entertainment but do you know that by using Instagram you can earn a lot of money too. So do you want to know how to earn money from Instagram in 2021?

So in today's post we will tell you how you can earn money from Instagram. Friends, you already know how much unemployment has increased due to covid epidemic in 2020 and 2021, in such a situation everyone keeps looking for ways to earn money online,

Earn Money From Instagram in 2021 - Yes NewsEarn Money From Instagram in 2021 - Yes News

And if you are also in search of the same thing, then you are in the right place, today we will tell you many such ways that you can earn money online through Instagram, you just have to complete this post of ours, then what is the delay. Let's start talking and know Instagram se paise kaise kamaye?

How to make money from Instagram

Before going about the ways to earn money from Instagram, you have to complete these few steps and keep some things in mind, which we have told below, if you follow them well then no one can stop you from earning money. And yes, if you have once thought that you will earn money from Insta, then you have to give your 100% because, without hard work, money can never be earned.

1-Choose a Niche-

If you thought that you have to use Instagram to earn money, then first of all you have to decide on a particular niche. With which you will post related photos to your account.

For example, if you like photography, then it is your niche or you can create your own page related to any animals, food, you can select your niche according to what you are interested in.

2-Daily Update-

To grow your account you have to post your photos daily till your account is not popular then you have to post 3,4 photos daily and in the same way you have to be active in stories also you have to be active in stories daily 5,6 So you have to put it only then your account will grow faster.


Cross-promotion is also a great way to grow your account, to do cross-promotion, you can get your post done in his account by talking with the owner of other niche related to your niche whose followers are also around your followers and You can post it in your account, so the followers of both of you will also follow each other's account.

4- Engagement-

While posting your photos or videos, you will have to use hashtags related to that niche, using hashtags will create good engagement in your account and it will increase your followers and likes.

Ways to earn money from Instagram 

Now we will talk about the ways by which you can earn money from your Instagram which are given below –

1-Promote Other Instagram Account–

This is the easiest way to earn from Instagram, you do not have to do anything in it, just if you have a good follower in your account, then you have to contact the account with less follower than you and if they want to promote their account with you, then you have to do just for them. Have to make a good post and in return you can take money from them.

2-Affiliate Marketing–

You can also earn money from Instagram through affiliate marketing, if you do not know about affiliate marketing, then let me tell you, in this you have to sell products and services of a third party and in return you are given some commission. .

Nowadays almost every type of companies run their affiliate program, you can join Affiliate Program of any company according to the niche of your Instagram. You can also join Affiliate Program on E-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart,

After this, you can list their products in your Instagram account and when a customer buys that product through you, you will get some % commission.

So the better engagement you have on Instagram, the more you will benefit from it.

3-Sell your own Product-

You can also sell your own products through your Instagram account, assuming you have a cosmetic product shop, you can post these products on your Instagram and if a user likes it, then he will buy them from it. Only you will profit.

4-Photos selling-

If you are a good photographer, then post your photos with watermark in your Instagram account and you also give your contact information below it so that if someone likes that photo then they will contact you to buy it.

5-Photo/Video Editing-

If you like to do video editing and you have a good knowledge of it, then you can share your edited photo video in your Instagram page and write your contact information in it and if someone likes your work then they can also edit their photo video. Will contact you to do this and in return you can take money from them.

6-Sell Instagram Account–

If you have a good follower in your Instagram account. And if your account is related to a popular niche, then you can earn money by selling your account. Because there are many users who want to buy the follower account and for this they are ready to pay a lot of money.

The more followers you have, the more money you can earn by selling the account. Below are the names of some websites in which you can sell your account.

  1. Famewap
  2. Insta Sale
  3. Social Tradia
  4. TooFame
  5. E-Flipo

7-Sponsorship(Brand Promotion)-

For this, you should have at least more than 50 thousand followers, in which the brand or companies contact you and promote their product through your Instagram and in return give you money,

It is worth noting that the more followers you have, the bigger brands will promote their product from you and the more money you will get.

So these were some ways to earn money from Instagram, if you also want to earn money from Instagram, then you must also use these methods and secondly keep working hard because without it there is nothing.

8-Become Instagram Manager-

If you know well about Instagram, you know all its features, you know how Instagram account is managed, how it is posted, how followers are increased and many more things, then you can earn money from Instagram by becoming an Instagram manager.

To become an Instagram manager, you have to contact with Social Media Influencer or any Brands. To contact them, you can directly message them by visiting their Instagram page or you will get their Mail Id and Contact number in their Bio.

How to earn money from Instagram reels-

Instagram Reels is also a feature of Instagram which became very popular among the people in no time, its concept is similar to the popular short video making app Tik tok. In this also short video clips are made.

The chance of Instagram reels going viral is the highest, so if you are creating some good content which is being liked by the people, then gradually people will keep joining you and once you become a good audience then the brands themselves will contact you. For any type of promotion and you can make a lot of money.

How much money do you get on Instagram?

How much money do you get on Instagram? Or how much money can we earn from Instagram? Everyone often wants to know the answer to these questions. So let me tell you that celebrities, models, Instagram personality, these people charge crores of rupees for just one post on Instagram, yes, crores of rupees for just one post.

And it is known to be possible because they have the same audience, now as far as a normal user is concerned, to earn money from Instagram, you must have at least 1000 followers and that too an active user. Should be After that you can register on websites like Linqia, Tap Influence, Acorn and create an account for the sponsored posts according to your niche. And with this you keep increasing your followers. You can earn 10 $ to 1000 $ or more for a sponsored post, but it all depends on your followers.

How many followers get paid in Instagram 

In about 1000 followers on Instagram, if all of them are your active users, then you can earn $10 or more from a sponsored post.

And if you have 10000 followers then you can earn $100 or more from a sponsored post. And after that the more followers you have, the more money you can earn accordingly.


In today's post, we know how to earn money from Instagram I hope that you must have liked this post, we have tried our best to provide accurate information to you. I hope, after reading this post, you must have got a lot of information about how to earn money from Instagram.

If you have any kind of questions or doubts, then you can feel free to ask us, then you can connect with us through social media, you can also mail us.

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