Google rolled out the Android 12 third beta a couple of weeks ago. The release note for the update includes features like Game ModeAppSearch, improved Permissions and more.

Apart from all the features listed in the release note of the third beta, it also includes one hidden feature that is aimed to make sharing URLs and links easier for users.
According to a XDA Developers report, the new feature allows users to instantly copy a URL of the website from the Recent Apps screen (usually accessed by swiping up from the home screen).
The website also clarifies that the feature isn’t constrained only to Google’s own web browser. It is entirely the operating system’s feature and it will recognise the link from other third-party browsers or apps with web link.
Android 12’s new URL sharing feature automatically detects and extracts web links which will appear in the Recent Apps screen in the form of a new file sharing icon at the top right of the app window.
Tapping on the sharing icon will show the full URL with the option to copy or share it right away.
While it may seem to be a niche feature to have, it can come really handy while sharing any page with your friends or at workspace. It is also a lot easier compared to the current process which involves selecting the URL to copy it and then sharing it via an app.
The Android 12 beta 3 is now live and is now available to download on select devices. However, before downloading it do keep in mind that this is the beta version and it may have lots of bugs and issues.

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