Brittney Griner is FREE!

The WNBA star has been released from Russia detention after a successful prisoner swap exchanging the former champ for notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, according to multiple reports.

Griner is now in U.S. custody and will undergo a medical evaluation in the United Arab Emirates. President Joe Biden is expected to hold a press conference at 8:30 in the morning, per the White House. Fromer marine and fellow American Paul Whelan was not included in the prisoner swap. He’s been in Russian custody for alleged espionage.

Griner’s release comes a few months after she was convicted of drug possession and smuggling in August. The controversial ordeal began in February after Russian authorities discovered and arrested her for possessing a vape cartridge containing hashish oil, a.k.a marijuana. After her conviction was upheld, Griner spent time in a harsh Russian penal colony.

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