Carmelo Anthony has not found a home for his 20th season in the NBA, but he’s at peace with that.

The 38-year-old has recently prioritized the emergence of his son, Kiyan, who has emerged as an elite high school recruiting prospect. Melo was in attendance for his sons game against Sierra Canyon, led by Bronny and Bryce James, the sons of LeBron James, and spoke with ESPN about whether he’ll continue the pursuit of his first championship.

“I want to be. You know, I love the game, but I realize that there are a lot of things not in my control,” Anthony said. “So I just sit back and let it play out and whatever it’s going to be it’s going to be and I accept that, I’m at peace with that. I get to watch my son play, you know, train him, be around him, come to his games, so these are the things for a long time that I’ve never had a chance to do, so now I can be that father and that man that I need to be.”

As the third overall pick of the famed 2003 NBA draft, Anthony had a decorated career. As a ten-time All-Star, Melo averaged 22.5 points, 6.2 rebounds and 2.7 assists. His gifted scoring earned him the ninth spot on the all-time list with 28,289 points. He’s accomplished it all, but adding a title to his coveted legacy is one of the few things he hasn’t won.

“I’m cool man. I would love to play,” Anthony said. “I’m in the gym every single day. When the opportunity presents itself it presents itself, but it’s not something I’m pressing about.”

Team’s around the League may not be in need of a 38-year-old forward, but Anthony is sure he has a lot left in the tank to compete at the highest level. For the moment, the future Hall Of Famer will remain in focus of how his son reaches the professional game.

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