BudBlockz (BLUNT) vs Kadena (KDA) Which Crypto Will Have the Most Potential In 2023?

Cryptocurrencies and investors have faced great difficulties in the last few months. Even crypto projects that have historically performed well need help to return profits to investors. Cryptocurrency investors are searching for tokens that will give them good returns in 2023. Tokens with small use cases entice quasi-investors, but wise investors find tokens with lucrative potential and practical uses for broader adoption.

But crypto analysts are predicting that the future belongs to crypto projects that combine high utility and the power of NFTs. There are a few tokens that can tick all boxes. Two cryptocurrency projects with great potential are BudBlockz and Kadena.

In case you need clarification as to which crypto will have better potential in 2023 and give you better returns, this article is for you. Here we will discuss both projects in detail for you to decide.


1. BudBlockz can Lead the Crypto Market in 2023

If you invest in BudBlockz, you get in on the ground floor of this brand-new cryptocurrency and a completely new sector.

The cannabis market is boundless. This cryptocurrency project looks to capitalize on this and make it easier for cannabis enthusiasts to purchase and sell cannabis online. It is the first decentralized eCommerce platform where users can trade cannabis products. But BudBlockz takes a step forward by providing real utility in its tokens and NFTs.

The token, BLUNT, will be used as its native currency on the BudBlockz network. You do not get to enjoy this with other cryptocurrencies, as they are merely governance tokens. Everyone- from the store to the grower, can participate in the decentralized marketplace, provided they have a BLUNT token.

As the cannabis industry expands, the market demand will rise. This will push the price of the tokens through the roof. Hence, investors can make promising returns. BudBlockz network gives its members incentives through BLUNT by participating in its incentive program. The platform offers a limited-edition NFT line called Ganja Guruz.

Holders of the NFT will also receive many privileges restricted to just verified members. For example, members can receive coupon codes, which they can use to get deals on cannabis products from cannabis retailers.

Ganja Guruz holders can have their own shares in marijuana shops, farms, and dispensaries across the world. It will give all NFT holders a steady income source. Moreover, it will remove obstacles and improve inclusivity. So, even investors who are low on resources will be able to own some assets that generate revenue. It is done without making a capital investment, which would otherwise be important.

BudBlockz is a kind of platform that takes a unique position in the booming cannabis industry. It is expected to be valued at least $200 billion within the next decade. BudBlockz has great potential as it plays a significant role in the marijuana industry. BLUNT, its native token can be the most prominent payment option in the cannabis industry.


Kadena is Solving Bitcoin’s Scaling Issues

Kadena was launched with the aim that blockchain can revolutionize how the world interacts and transacts. It is a layer-1, proof-of-work network that delivers scalability due to its unique sharing system. According to the company, the PoW model used to verify Bitcoin is the most secure. But high security comes at the cost of scalability and vice-versa.

By using a revolutionary braided multi-chain architecture, this crypto aims to fix these problems, rendering the blockchain capable of catering to the demands needed to become efficacious in processing mainstream transactions.

The smart-contract system it has developed is readable even by individuals who are not developers. This language is called Pact. The language has many features, including contract, error messaging, and support interoperability.

Its ecosystem has a private blockchain- Kadena Kuro, that uses Byzantine Fault Tolerance. It’s a design that works best for business uses. It has already partnered with major crypto platforms to expand its offerings.

The main utility token of this network is KDA. It is a flexible coin that can be used for sending value internationally. It is also how users connect with each other and the platform’s services.

Kadena’s multichain architecture-Chainweb is how it can solve the problem that troubles Bitcoin. Chainweb is a kind of PoW that enables Kadena to scale- implying an increased TPS- without having an effect on energy consumption or damaging the unrivaled security of PoW.

Kadena pioneered a scaling method known as braiding that enables it to process more than 200 times more transactions per second than Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Visa combined. On top of that, the cost to conduct a transaction on Kardena is nominal.

Kadena is a promising project. It has significant milestones and has made great headway. Its heritage in regulation and banking isn’t a particularly favorable aspect for a majority of crypto purists. However, the project hasn’t been backed by institutional or centralized exchanges. Instead Kadena’s founders are pursuing fiat onramps to facilitate a DeFi ecosystem.

Which is Better: BudBlockz or Kadena?

BudBlockz looks like a more promising investment token. Since it is a project based on the cannabis industry, it will scale with the growing cannabis industry. The project is expected to skyrocket in time, particularly since more jurisdictions are legalizing the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. Kadena has good potential, but when compared to BudBlockz, the latter steals the deal.

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Purchase or learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website: https://budblockz.io/

Presale Registration: https://app.budblockz.io/sign-up 

BudBlockz Community Links: https://linktr.ee/budblockz

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