CryptoPunks vs Ganja Guruz: Which NFT Collection is More Popular Among Collectors?

The massive growth in interest in NFTs has been one of the prominent reasons for focusing on them. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) revised the conventional notions regarding ownership of digital assets and representation of assets, digital or physical, on blockchain networks. As a result, the search for the best NFT collections has been gaining momentum.

While many people do not know about NFTs, and some do not like them, NFTs have undoubtedly emerged as a notable highlight in the world of technology. New projects are emerging daily in the NFT space and there are massive trading volumes in NFTs alone.

As a result, it is more important than ever to learn about NFT collections to discover top choices. 

The following discussion offers a brief overview of two popular NFT collections, CryptoPunks and Ganja Guruz.


Ganja Guruz

BudBlockz is a crypto platform built on the Ethereum network that connects users and investors to the global cannabis market. The BudBlockz team plans to set up cannabis dispensaries and farms to boost product sales, research, and development and spread awareness about the industry.

The platform has rolled out an NFT series on the Ethereum blockchain. It is known as the Ganja Guruz NFT collection and includes digital artworks inspired by retro video games.

The series consists of 10,000 NFTs, and these digital artworks can also be used as avatars while participating in play-to-earn arcade games.

An NFT buyer can also become a fractional owner of a cannabis dispensary or farm by filling out a KYC form. Once they become fractional owners of these businesses, they can earn an annual dividend on their holdings.

Additionally, by buying the Ganja Guruz NFTs, users can access special discount codes on cannabis products on the BudBlockz platform.

With many passive income generation opportunities and industry-linked use cases, Ganja Guruz has the potential to become one of the most popular NFTs among investors and collectors in the future. 



CryptoPunks is one of the earliest NFT projects built on the Ethereum blockchain. The project consists of 10,000 algorithmically generated 24×24 pixel portraits featuring random attributes such as a person smoking a pipe or wearing a hat.

While you could initially acquire a CryptoPunk for free, the rarity of the digital portraits and the increased demand for NFTs have skyrocketed.

CryptoPunks was created by Larva Labs, a two-person development team working on various projects from mobile games and utilities to web infrastructure to digital design and art.

The team developed a pixelated character generator inspired by the London punk scene and cyberpunk films and novels. In 2017, they generated 10,000 unique characters and hosted them on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Anyone interested could claim a CryptoPunk for free, they only had to pay the gas fee to cover the computing energy, which was considerably lower before NFTs and DeFi took off.

Larva Labs kept 1,000 NFT portraits for themselves, but the rest were quickly claimed. The only way to get a CryptoPunk NFT today is to purchase it directly from its owner.

Many cryptocurrency analysts have predicted that Ganja Guruz will likely outperform other leading NFTs like CryptoPunks because of its higher growth potential.

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