Crypto Prices this week: Aptos (APT), Avalanche (AVAX), and Snowfall Protocol (SNW) See Big Gains and Project Even Bigger Gains in February

To say that 2022 was a turbulent year for the cryptocurrency market almost feels like a gross understatement. Of course, all markets are volatile to some degree, and fortunes can be both made and lost in quite short time frames. However, things got so bad last year that many economic and financial sages pronounced that crypto was dead.  

However, it seems that reports of the death of crypto were greatly exaggerated as several tokens are now springing back to life, and new ones getting ready to launch. Three, in particular, have enjoyed substantial gains so far this year and are likely to rise more in February: Aptos (APT), Avalanche (AVAX), and Snowfall Protocol (SNW).

Aptos (APT) storms onto the stage

Aptos (APT) is a new, proof-of-stake blockchain that employs a new language, which they call “Move,” for writing smart contracts. Apparently, the market is welcoming this new “mover,” Aptos (APT), because the price of  Aptos (APT) jumped by 75% in just the last two weeks of January. For their next trick, the team behind Aptos (APT) is promising to lower gas fees on transactions as well as devising a gas fees model that separates the costs of storage and the costs of execution. Aptos (APT) is clearly an innovative new token, and that bodes well for likely investors.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche (AVAX) is another token that has hit the ground running in 2023, like Aptos (APT). In the space of January, the price of Avalanche (AVAX) jumped from $10.67 up to $21.68, and that is pretty good going. But why is the price of Avalanche (AVAX) rising so much, so quickly? What is making Avalanche (AVAX) “flavor of the month” with the market? Well, the obvious explanation is the partnership that Avalanche (AVAX) has entered into with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which includes such things as validator tools for compliance use cases. Partners don’t come bigger or better than Amazon, and the link-up between Amazon and Avalanche (AVAX) will like speed up the institutional and commercial adoption of blockchain. 

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) has an amazing use case

As of the time of writing, Snowfall Protocol (SNW) has completed three successful rounds of pre-sale, during which the price of the token rose by some 4000%. It will launch in February 2023 and is expected to gain value of up to 5000% more in a pretty short time.

Snowfall Protocol (SNW) enables multi-chain operability across different and hitherto incompatible platforms. That means that it affords crypto holders the choice to trade and exchange tokens, both fungible and non-fungible, across different blockchains. With Snowfall Protocol (SNW), crypto holders can choose to move the assets that they hold on one chain across to another chain both easily and quickly. Something that was very difficult to do previously because of the various technical and operational barriers between chains. 

Additionally, Snowfall Protocol (SNW) token holders will be able to stake their coins for passive income and vote on major decisions and developments due to the governance nature of the coin. As if that weren’t enough, Snowfall Protocol (SNW) will also be launching its own Web 3-compatible crypto wallet.


Without a doubt, 2023 is throwing up some exciting and lively opportunities for crypto investors, especially considering the partnership between Aptos (APT) and Amazon and Avalanche’s (AVAX) price jump. But, in our view, Snowfall Protocol (SNW) is the most promising because it ushers in a whole new paradigm into the crypto market that is bound to reap dividends. 





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